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Fridge and freezer both cool not cold

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I have a GE TFX20JRBK WW I have noticed it has not been as cold the last few days. blew out the coils from dust and such. While cleaning I removed the back fan and condenser panel and noticed the condense was hot, not painfully, but definitely hot. Is this normal? I noticed the condenser fan is working. what should I be looking for to fix the cooling problem?

Take freezer panel of and look at evaporator frost pattern or look if you see frost in freezer on white back panel.

Also make sure all light are going off with door closed and ice maker is not jam with heater on.Make sure dispenser door flapper is closing.And door are all closing.

lights go off doors seal completely. the coils in back of freezer are very ice covered almost looks packed with ice top to bottom. I will also say a few years ago 3  or 4, i had the unit serviced and he replaced a part the allowed those coils to thaw out, if that means anything.

Yes thats why is not cooling.Its not defrosting.You need a ohm meter to check heating element at bottom of evaporator.Also could be termination thermostat at top of evaporator.Timer maybe not putting in defrost also.Locate timer and manual put it in defrost.Its probably in refrigerator section.More likely its the heater.You are going to have to melt frost with hair dryer or steam gun.If you no who to put it in defrost do that.Most of time i would just replace heater and termination thermostat ands timer if its old.


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