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DANBY refrigerators


anyone have a comment on this manufacturer?
the refrigerator is model DFF282SLDB its a 10 cu ft capacity. defined as an apartment size
approx dim 60" high, 24" deep.
heres the website write up

I help another local appliance company and they sell these after getting burned on made in China stuff and in the last year so far so good. Others you couldn't get repair parts under warranty.NLA

I am authorized warranty on Danby .Its not bad for the price .In the first year if they have a sealed system issue they replace the unit completely .One thing I really like is if you have a question there is someone to call and he knows the product inside out .BTW they are not a manufacturer just a distributer .

Who is the manufacture for the Danby brand?

I don,t know who mfg danby small fridges ,freezers etc but the sticker says made in china .The bigger freezers (upright) ,and all fridges are exactly like whirlpool for far less money .Whirlpool bought out a Canadian mfg a few years back called woods .Woods went bankrupt about 4 years ago .


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