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A cloths dryer that uses the microwave from a magnetron?


After working on a dryer this morning I recalled years ago hearing something about a cloths dryer that used the microwaves from a magnetron to dry the cloths.

Seems to me is was in one of the Whirlpool training classes I was at that I first heard about it, but never did see one or even hear if one was ever produced for sale.

In any case I was researching it on google and found this patent.

Anyone else ever hear of such a dryer?


I bet there would be a huge problem with burning clothes.  Clothes are conductive when they're wet. What's to keep it from arcing when they touch the side of the drum? And what do you do about metal buttons?

Earl Dryer:
I would bet that the EPA would have some negative input to the production of them even if they work;  EMF, Radiation and etc. Tried to dispose of a Microwave lately? Most of the dumps and junkyards have radiation sensors, they will reject the whole load if the sensor goes off.

I heard of that years back also, AJ.  It was at a Whirlpool training class.  Never did see it on the market, but I retired 3 years ago.


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