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Kenmore 110.27072602 (Whirlpool Cabrio) basket won't "lift out."

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Got the tub free.  Used a big hammer.

It was rusted tight on to the shaft.  Not sure why you'd use something that can rust like that for the wet part of a washer...

Whirlpool made it, made to rust so cust. can spend more money buying new unit.  Lol,  Glad you got er apart. Did you find any other problems?

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I didn't do anymore than that, at this point.  If the error is basket engagement problem, then there was truly a problem.  I'll take the rest of it apart in my spare time and see what's going on.  They have the seal, shaft & bearing kits, so maybe I'll install one of those and sell it.  Maybe I'll just clean it up and put some phosphoric acid on the rusty parts (turns rust into iron phosphate - hard non-rusting coating).  We'll see.

I'll post again as I make progress.

Thanks for your replies.


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