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Kenmore 110.27072602 (Whirlpool Cabrio) basket won't "lift out."

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Got this as condemned from somebody else's customer.  Its giving the f-72 error - Basket reengagement error.  (if basket is floating, pump out water, if it doesn't spin, identify source of friction).

The basket is definitely not floating.  The manual says to "lift it out."  After removing the agitator (7/16" bolt) and the tub ring.

This basket definitely will not "lift out."  I've got both the inner and outer hub engagements removed, and I've cranked & pounded trying to get the basket of the splined shaft.  Very little movement. 

I can't believe this basket ever "floated," even though the manual describes it in the theory of operation.

Any ideas on what I may be missing?

Thanks in advance

Holly cow, never have seen that, they always lift right out for me, try soaking with wd-40 or something overnite,  could be something under basket (clothes) twisting basket.

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I've got oil on it.  The movement is between the collar around the splined shaft, and the metal sleeve in the basket base.  I found a bit of curled metal shaving down in there, so I don't know what I'll find when I get it out.

I need five hands.  Three to lift, one to crank and one to pound with. 

I tried to look at the pictures of the basket on line to see if the outer sleeve is part of the basket or part of the splined shaft piece, but I can't see enough detail. 

Anybody know about that?

You can get the spline kit separate,  should be Phillip screws holding to basket.

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I'll look into that tomorrow!

Many thanks.

Perhaps if I get this loose without any damage, I can polish it up, and get it back on the road!


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