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--- Quote from: mpatten2 on November 13, 2012, 06:33:56 PM ---Hey all,
I am looking into starting a appliance repair and parts store in my area. I have worked for Sears part time for 4 years and have been symathetic and frustrated for customers who cannot get parts or repair service in a timely manner. Does anyone have a list of common parts used on the major brands (Whirlpool, GE, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG). An example would be common belts for dryers, oven elements, stuff like that. Thanks for your help.


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I would think what a repair shop stocks and what a parts store stocks is going to be two different things.
IMHO a parts store is going to stock a lot more then a repair shop so the list for the parts store is going to be a lot longer.

Hey AJ,
This is a great forum. There is a lot of information to gather.

I am looking to work into a shop that has a little of both. I want to start with parts to stock my truck but expand into common parts that can be purchased from my shop. My area is small town/rural. It takes 5 days to recieve parts or a shipping upcharge to get it in 2. We have a big box store and and several furniture stores that sell appliances but none sell parts.


      What you want to stock for the store to begin with would be the fast moving parts.   I wouldn't start stocking expensive, slow movers like control panels, ERC's, etc.   Even though I live in an area where we have 3 major parts distributors,   I still sell parts on saturdays and sundays when the big stores aren't open.   If your in a rural area,  your not gonna have the volume of stores in my area so you have to stock accordingly.    There is no set rule of thumb,   You'll have to wing it.  You don't need to stock every part,  no one can. 


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