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I'd like to see that list as well. I started my list, but it's all laundry and kitchen stuff. I need to see what kind of refer stuff is needed.

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I'll try to get a list of my truck stock out.   It has evolved over the last 10 years,  so the lists I have are not up to date.    I live about 5 minutes from the parts store which is a main warehouse,  so I no longer carry as much as I used to.   They have just about everything.     If I need something,  I can stop in the morning heading out.     Your situation might be different. 

That being said,  Here is basicly what I carry

For Laundry I carry EVERY belt for Dryers,  Washers.  More homes use Whirlpool/Kenmore machines,  so I more 341241 belts (8) than other belts.     Rollers, Idler pulleys,  and glides.    You want at least 6 coil kits,   common repair.   Keep ignitors (circular and flat),  flame sensors, All Elements,  cut off thermo kits,  a large amt of thermal fuses.   Also all lid switches,  door switches,  an 827 and 787 dryer motor and a 2 speed (most common) washer motor.    Cam kits,  STAINLESS HOSES (good upsell item),  2 clutches, and at least 10 couplings.   ALL PUMPS.  ALL WATER VALVES>  LINT SCREENS>   Snubbers, brakes,  thrust bearing kits for Maytag-Tragic chef machines.    I have a box with misc clips,  extra hardware for machines,  bolts, etc.   FOR NEW VMW machines,  I carry 3 differeint pressure controls,  lid switch and lid strike, actuators,  belt, belt guard, cam kits, capacitor.

For Dishwashers,  I carry all KAid, wpl - maytag control board fuses,   drain pumps for wpl, GE, Frigidare,  GE door cables, latch assembly,  drain solonoid kit,  pop up towers, check valves (3 common repair),   Maytag latch assemblys,  ALL VALVES<  Several drain hoses,  some Heater hose (10 feet) and adapters for long hose situations,  Wash arms.  Chopper kits.     No timers. 

For Stoves,   Electric - Good assortment of burner switches,   Burners,  Recepticles,  Common bake elements - Frigidare, GE, and whirlpool (cant carry all - too many.   I try to get model # and will stop and get element if I think I need it),  KA thermal fuses for in wall ovens,  the thermal limits that connect to ERC,  Sensors, 

Stoves (continued) -GAS -  A large selection of stove ignitors,  Variety of common knobs, common safety valves,   electrodes,  Gas valve for Direct spark ignition,  Spark board,  and burner tube and ignitor. 

I carry a disposal and assortment of sink pipes,  2 rubber disposal boots. (don't give them a chance to change mind.   You want to do job right then if you can).

For refrigerators,   I have a box with almost every relay and overload known to man,   also you should carry Defrost thermostats,   GE Heaters, Main board,  thermistors,  Evap and Condensor fans,   Maytag Heater and defrost control boards,  Timers for all models,  good assortment of evap fans,  the old style condenser fan motor (in summer I carry 2,  used about 15 of them this summer).   

I carry venting material,  elbows,  clamps/  Also Line cords,  220 volt range, dryer cords (1 each of 3 wire, 4 wire).    I carry gas lines,  extra wire of different gauges.   

See what you use,  then stock accordingly.    Remember this.   If you don't have the part,  they can always change their mind.   Don't give them the time to think if you can help it.   

Also I keep almost every valve for refrigerators,   SS water lines,   Saddle valves,   for installing or repairing water lines,   A large amount of John Guest couplers,   Brass adapters,  Compression nuts,   etc.   

Wedgeman55, Thanks so much for sharing your list. My area does not have warehoused parts available locally. We must have some stock available to be successful.

I am truly grateful for all your help,



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