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Hey all,
I am looking into starting a appliance repair and parts store in my area. I have worked for Sears part time for 4 years and have been symathetic and frustrated for customers who cannot get parts or repair service in a timely manner. Does anyone have a list of common parts used on the major brands (Whirlpool, GE, Electrolux, Samsung, and LG). An example would be common belts for dryers, oven elements, stuff like that. Thanks for your help.


The prices are from back a ways but the parts listed are common:
 EVERYDAY SPECIALS 285753 coupling $10___80040 dogs $4___
341241 Belt $10___
3392519 fuse $10___279769 limit wp $23___
95405 belt wp $10___
3364290 knob wp $12___4318047 valve single $30___
4318046 valve double $40___
HS 410 start kit $20___HS 650 start kit $20___
312959 belt $10
53-0106 $18___304970 Igniter $20___
LA-1053 $20___211124-25k $20___
21001733 $30___5303937139 $24___
5300622032 $18.50___
5303281154 $12___5303281153 rear bearing $24___
IGN5 $48 _RGB2 $55.50___
WE12X82 belt__$10___WE12X49__$10___
WE3X75 bearing $5___
WE3X87 glide___$7___WH1x1944$7.50___
Heat-cool tstat_$22___univim98_$100.00___
5109 $23___
dryer vent pipe$1.50 per foot, alum

Looks like jw stuck on laundry parts, how about refrigerators,  stoves, & dishwashers.    O0

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I am thankful for any list I can get. I am looking for high use parts that I can make available to customers.

PS. I just got my first service call tonight. For a water softner....I have repaired appliances before and helped customers at Sears but this is my first call under my new venue.


Good for you , best of luck.


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