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Jenn-Air JMV8208AAW Microwave not working, Is it worth saving?

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My microwave wont turn on, it has no power, no light, no clock or anything like that. I flipped the breaker multiple times and even tried a different outlet for the microwave. My dad broke the microwave by turning it on for a long period of time thinking it was the timer. I just need to know if its even worth saving. thank you. Kyle

Ol' Lonely:
I would check the thermal fuse inside the microwave.
How long did it run?


@Ol' Lonely My dad had put it on for 99 minutes but said he came in about 30 minutes later to check the time and it was off.

Ol' Lonely:
Magnetron, part # 53001581 could have over heated and tripped the safety thermostat, part # 8183593.

Easy enough to replace the parts if that is all that's wrong with it, but it may not be worth it to you depending on how old the microwave is and compared to what you can buy a replacement microwave for.


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