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GE Profile refrigerator PSS26SGPASS Service Manual

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Did you check your f/f thermistor?

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Hello, No I have not physically checked anything, just been doing a lot of reading up on my problem. Everything points to a bad damper or like you suggest, the thermistor. There seems to be some built in diagnostics that would check these items without tearing the fridge apart first. I have searched the internet for days trying to obtain a manual or directions to enter the diagnostics mode and the test codes for this model, I have not had any luck. I'll search awhile longer then just order a new damper assembly and thermistor and install it. The unit is still useable in the meantime. Thank You 

Unfortunately they don't make a service manual for every model of appliance and to top it off GE is probably one of the hardest brands to find service manuals for.

Just my luck, thank you for all your help.

Go to,  shawn web site may be able to help you out!

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