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GE Profile refrigerator PSS26SGPASS Service Manual

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OK Thanks, I'm going to pop out both thermistors on the refrigerator side and check the resistance and see if they vary with the temp. If both are good, then I'll check the damper. I'ts a shame that there's no service manual for this model, although it is very close to the 2001 models covered in the manual AJ provided, (mine is newer).

Theres a service manual  for every mod. Number including yours bur some are very hard or impossible  to get. Sorry,  but we are still trying,  even aj send out a another post to try to help you.

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Don't pop out the thermistors.  You can check the resistance at the control board.  Remove the light cover and shine a flashlight into the vent.  You'll probably see the damper door sitting loose in there.  Replace the damper assembly, WR49X10091.

Absolutely, I did check them from the mother board, and with each in a glass of ice water got 16K ohms. Out of the ice water the resistance fluctuated with the temperature, so i'm pretty sure the thermistors are good. Plan on replacing the damper module. thanks

AJ, I have seen this manual (31-9075 GE Arctica Side-By-Side CustomCool Refrigerator.pdf) listed on various sites including yours. Although it doesn't cover the 26" model which I have, do you think it is closer than the manual you provided me earlier in this thread? Thanks
PS I sent a pay pal donation for all the help


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