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GE Profile refrigerator PSS26SGPASS Service Manual

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Would someone happen to have a copy of the service manual for this model? Thanks

What's wrong with it?

Freezer temp is fine, refrigerator gets too cold, does not hold set temp, things freeze slightly. I think the damper needs checking but would like to enter diag mode and need the manual.

Here is the service manual in our store.;sa=view;id=79

Being you started a new topic in our forum and shared with us what's wrong with your refrigerator I will send you a free copy of the service manual via PM.

Have a look at the service manual and let us know how it turns out or let us know if you have any other questions.

Ge is a brand I'm not real familiar with so maybe another tech can post some additional advice for us about your refrigerator.

Thank you, I did happen to have a copy of this manual but I don't think it covers my exact model. To enter the diag mode you must display 5 in the freezer display and a 5 in the refrigerator display (page 33). My refrigerator display will not bump down to single digits, it goes from 34 to 44 then OFF. This model has the express cool, express thaw tray and turbo cool setting. Any advise? Thanks


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