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Whirlpool Gas Dryer - WGD5300VW0 - Only 'groans' - drum does not rotate

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I expected to find the belt wrapped around the idler pulley or the motor, but when I finally opened it up, I found the belt still intact and routed appropriately around the drum, idler pulley and motor.   The drum seemed to rotate okay, so I don't think anything was binding, but when I attempted to start it up, it just made a noise like the motor wanted to turn, but couldn't.   I ended up removing the belt from the motor and tried again, and was surprised when the motor still didn't turn, even with no load......same thing - same noise - and the motor shaft didn't turn.    I had trouble seeing the motor - bad light and a bad back......but I assume the motor is shot, unless something else could be preventing the motor from turning.

How difficult is it to change out this motor?    Do you access it from the front or the back?    It's in tight quarters - between a front load washer and a wall.   And I'm not experienced with Gas dryers, so I don't want to mess with anything related to the gas supply or connections.

What do you guys think.....should attempt this one on my own?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Sound like a bad motor to me. Your model dryer uses motor part # 279827

Click on the part number above to see a help video on the parts page.

The only thing that may give you a problem is removing the blower wheel part # 694089

Sometimes you just can't get the blower wheel off the motor. In that case it has to be busted off with a hammer and then of coarse replaced with a new blower wheel.

Hope that helps.

Thanks AJ!!   That video was a BIG help!   This looks like a fairly easy replacement - unless like you said, I can't get the blower wheel off.
I appreciate the quick reply too!

Most of the time the blower wheel comes up just fine.
Let us know how the repair goes or if you have any other questions, thank for posting.

Thanks again A.J.

I couldn't get the blower wheel off - I used an open end wrench and an adjustable but the plastic kept shearing off as I tried to break it loose.   I ended up ordering a replacement and went back 2 days later when it arrived.   After seeing the new wheel, I could now see how it had a threaded metal insert - recessed about 3/4" from the end that attached to the motor shaft.    Fortunately, I brought a large set of vise-grips with me the second time.    I tried one more time to get the old blower wheel off, and by using the vise-grips, I was able to finally break it free.    Even though the plastic was chewed-up quite a bit, I now knew the important part (the metal insert) was probably fine, so I didn't bother to replace the blower wheel.   The motor itself was a piece of cake to replace.....I just wish I had thought to bring the vise-grips with me the first time - it would have saved me a few bucks and 2 days waiting on the part.   

But I'm thrilled that it's up and running - that's the important part.   Thank you again for sharing your expertise and the video was a huge help!


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