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Hi ... need a little help.  I am trying to find out the specs on this Kenmore SBS 106.52754100

Anyone know the APPROX year of manufacture and the specs (basically cu/ft of refrig & freezer).

I found the user manual online but there were no specs in it.  I'd appreciate any help.


I don't know if you can tell the cubic foot from the model number.  If you have the serial number, I can tell you the date of manufacture.

Thanks.  When I went to find the SN it had the mfg date right on the sticker. 5/2001  :)  I'm more interested in the capacity though.  I want to sell it when our new box is delivered this week and would like to have that info.  I know it was one of the largest ones at that time but don't remember what it was.

I find it hard to believe that NOWHERE on Google is that info available.  I looked at about 300 different links and 99% come back to parts sites.  I even called Sears service dept and parts dept and they said they don't have the info.

Oh well.   :(

Your model uses compressor part # 2212192 and the tech sheet for your refrigerator show it would be a 25 or 27 cubic foot based on the compressor.

The tech sheet also shows the 25 cu. ft. uses a different control then the 27 cu. ft. but I did not have any luck looking up them parts numbers.

I have attached a copy of the tech sheet so you could have a look for yourself.

Thanks!  27CU rings a bell. That is what I initially thought it was.  There was also a slightly smaller model (probably the 25CU you mention). 

Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.


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