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Jenn Air dishwasher not working properly?


We have a Jenn Air dishwasher, mod. JDB4000AWS that fills and cycles ok but the water does not circulate as it should and dishes don't get clean. Thanks in advance.

if unit is filling and you hear wash motor running but water is not being circulated i would suspect you need a seal kit.

Dishwasher Magic cleaner? I see a lot of plugged up filters on these.

Wife is going to try some dishwasher magic today. If that don't work I will order and install the kit, thanks guys!

Jenn Air dishwashers have small holes in the spray arms. I have one and a couple of times a year the holes need to be cleaned out. Do it when the arm is dry. If you can't pull the stuff through, then push it in and try to shake it out.


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