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Whirlpool Cabrio washer shuts down at start of spin & lid lock light flashes

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Thanks for all your help. I already checked for loose wire connections under the washer & on the board.  I will print out the service manual and maybe replace the shifter.  I'll let all of you know how I make out!

Check it out I work on one of these that was doing the same thang. It had a sock in the pump. I removed it and she came back to life.
Made a movie:

Hello again everyone!
Thanks for all your help in this matter.  I ordered and installed a new shifter and that fixed the problem.  This is the first time I ever replaced this part.  Now that I have the service manual things should get easier in the future.  Happy Thanksgivings to all of you!!!

Good to know, thanks for the update.   O0

Happy Thanksgivings!

The optical sensor will not sense the rotation if something is in the way.  I had a mouse get into the machine and chow down on some bird seed that my wife had on the other side of the basement.  Eventually a sunflower seed shell got into the wrong place.  Only found out when I removed the shifter to replace it.  Used a shop vac to blow the whole thing out.  Fortunately, the critter had enough to eat and didn't chew up the wiring like I read on another message board.    :tickedoff:


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