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Kitchenaid double door refrg.
Well, I am returning to the well once again!   This is my daughter's frig and I have been trying to get her to post here, but she never gets around to it.   I will try to intervene, but have not been over there.
She describes that the strip that the two doors close against is sometimes so hot it would literally burn your arm if you lean against it.        Possibly unrelated...sometimes carrots or whatever FREEZE in the crisper drawer.   
I looked once for a switch to just turn off the anti-condensation heater, but did not find it .    Is there a "secret handshake" thru the main control panel to do this??

I would check in the back, make sure condensor fan motor is running. Make sure condensor is free of dust & hair.

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I will have her check the condensor.   She has a couple of little dogs, so hair is a good possibility.

On the parts diagram I don't even find a mullion heater....does this model even have that????   How can that mullion be so hot/?

Could not find anything with model number, but if its kscs25inss02, then it does not have a mullion heater, it would have the high side line going inbetween doors on cabinet .

So your problem would be a mouse stuck in condenser fan blade, too much hair & dust blocking condenser or a bad condenser fan motor.
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WOW,,,so things start to add up!   I will let you know what happens after she pulls it out for a looksee!

You are right about the model,,,,it is a letter I, not a 1


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