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Maytag Refrigerator- MFD2561HES ice maker problem

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I don't have any voltage at the connector the ice maker plugs into. Does power come from the main circuit board or is it coming from the main power into the fridge? Any service manuals or wiring diagrams I can look at?



Here is the service manual.

16025629 Maytag Amana Jenn-Air Bottom Mount Refrigerator Service Manual

The short wire harness that runs along side the ice maker has a thermal fuse in the black wire.

Wiring diagram attached. Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

When checking for icemaker voltage, be aware that line voltage goes thru the freezer door switch. 

If your freezer light works, then you should have voltage at icemaker when light switch is closed.

The chances are pretty good then the problem is the ice maker once I verify I have voltage there. What a pain in the butt to test, got to have the door switch closed which turns off the light  to check voltage and the way the lower drawer is you have to reach in over top and contort yourself to get to the back corner. Whatever happened to engineering for service?

Thanks a huge amount for the wiring diagram and the service manual!!!!


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