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I have a Samsung Front End Loading Washer - Model # WF410ANR that will not POWER ON after "SANDY" hit, does anyone happen to have the Service Manual for this machine so I can do some troubleshooting. Hate to go out and buy a motherboard before I do some electrical testing with the meter. Thank You!


Could not find a service manual. Have you looked inside the machine for a tech sheet?
I can't find much information at all on this model.

I wonder if this model has a power filter board?

Machine has a power filter but I did not find any tech sheet. But what I did find was more than likely the cause after "HURRICANE SANDY" hit. I guess this is the aftermath of the Hurricane that all the technicians will find in the Tri-State area (PA, NJ, NY) in the upcoming months. Once the power was turned on caught the Main Board on FIRE ! With a MAJOR BLOWOUT!

P.S. - New Main Board on order

Wow, that would definitely cause some problems. Did it get wet or is that from a power surge?
Thanks for posting the photo!

No Water - just power SURGE


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