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Nice advice but I have used Simple Green and the BB's and never had a call back.

Gotta give a  O0  on Simple Green in many situations! I use it in the garage, the kitchen, on the road for service and in the laundry (after my jeans soak up some oil from under a car!) and it is great stuff. I am always comfortable using it around customers products because it's non-toxic and never ruins things. There are times when it is not strong enough for some jobs, but most of the time it works if you give it time to soak in.

Zep has always had good products as well. Used their products many times over the years in the garage and even while doing a short part time office cleaning job many years ago.

Let you guys know how tomorrow morning goes.  :popcorn:

The burner valves might need some grease also.  Could be leaking gas from the stem in one that old.

What a nice stove!  ;D  Looks to me like this was a top of the line model for it's time. The oven door had Magic Chef on it. All I could read from the tag inside the bun warmer was American Stove Company, model CH6301-24L. This is in a very unique restored farm house and fits the look well.

The owner suspected the oven supply valve as the leak culprit, so I removed the knob and hit it with liberal amounts of soapy solution and only got a slight bubble from the area under the valve, and a trace from the connection of the valve to the burner supply tube. I could see some valve grease in the gap and it appeared fairly new. I tightened the connection a bit and that solved the leak there. No more bubbles appeared in the valve area. However, once I fired up the lower left oven and observed the flame, it only lit up about halfway around the burner until I blew on it and then it travelled the rest of the way. A sure sign the burner needed cleaned and I think the source of the gas smell. It is on LP and it seems to be burning clean. Little to no yellow tipping on either top burner or oven burner flames.

The interesting thing was that I believe the unit was updated a bit, as it had safety valves and standing pilots for both ovens. Other than that, it appeared fairly original to me.

So OldStoveGuy, any history lessons on this? It is HUGE! It has two ovens and a broiler. A bun warmer. Six surface burners AND a clock! Oh, and even a light above the burners. I believeTHAT was progress back then!

Oh, and if they ever need parts, any references? They broke that valve handle and asked if I could find one. Also, any ideas on where they could find copies of owners literature?

 :thanks: & take care!


Try or . both have a lot of old parts. May be pricey but Magic chef was mostly east coast and midwest. That unit I have worked on 3 all had valves leaking so easy fix. The thermostats are the old carbon rod style and I have never found a good company to rebuild those. Any one else know of someone? JW? I hear someone in Missouri does them but never found them.


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