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One for TheOldStoveGuy!

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You are talking about the valve in the last pic? Take it apart (if it Will come apart) Stretch the spring out so when it is together it puts pressure against the housing. If it is up and down play you need another valve.

Thanks to all for the great input on this guys!

I finally got back to finish the job today. Got some good valve grease, disassembled the valve and cleaned the heck out of it. Found that the old grease was a bit gritty and had thinned considerably. Reassembled with new lube, resealed all threaded connections and fired it up. No leaks and the valve turns so much better than it did before. The customer will have a good turkey dinner come Thursday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!   :cheers:


That valve grease do it every time. Glad ye could git her did!

Glad you got it fixed.    I am gonna try the bb's next time I get an old one like this.   We have a section of town over here where most of the houses are 40's and 50's vintage and have a lot of old ovens and stoves.   I picked up a package of bb's when me and the wife were at wall mart last week.   I'll pick up some simple green too.  Thanks for the info, Old Stove.   I appreciate you sharing your tricks with us.     

Yes, thanks very much for the tips OldStoveGuy! They definitely helped.

One thing I noticed was that I couldn't quite get the oven burner to light properly every time. Even after I cleaned out the oven burner, it'll light on the first side by the pilot fine, but it takes 30 seconds to a minute to climb over to the front then other side. In that time, you can smell the raw LP.

I not only used the BB's to clean this burner, I cleaned every port with a paper clip and a pipe cleaner, including the climber ports between sides. Then I degreased the outside of it with Simple Green, washed it off inside & out with dish soap & water, then ran it straight out to the air compressor and blew it out until it was all dry and clean. When it's lit, it burns clean with a mostly blue flame. Hardly any yellow tipping, not lazy.

Any more tips on this?

My experience with modern burners is there's usually some dirt or soot causing this, and cleaning the burner usually fixes it. This cast iron burner may be different.

Thanks again!



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