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Got a call today to go out Monday on a 1920's vintage stove. Waiting for a call back from customer to find out more details about it, but this should prove interesting. I've worked on appliances as far back as early 1950's vintage, and one 1930 Westinghouse refrigerator, but never this old.

So far, the story is that the unit was bought from someone who had refurbished it a few years ago. The complaint is that now they smell gas while top burners are in use. Aside from the obvious leak checks around valves and connections, anyone have any tips (or warnings) for a newbie to this oldie?  :D 



Natural gas or LP, I see a lot of LP that they don't burn clean. Clean the burners out,(Nat or LP)I use BB's from a BB gun. Take 15 or so put in burner an shake like crazy,then roll them out and count to make sure all come out. Also make sure if aluminum burner heads are not warped from the cast iron base.

Thanks for the tips. Don't know yet if it's LP or Natural. My experience is also that LP is tougher to adjust to burn clean. Never would have thought of the BB trick! Very cool idea.

Us OLD FARTS have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Old Stove,  I like the bb trick.   I never thought of that.   I have worked on many old stoves myself,   I have a collection of brushes I use,  but I'm gonna pick up a pack of BB's and add them to my tool kit.   

My suggestion, however, might be to use a commercial oven product for cleaning carbon.   I used to do a lot of commercial ovens,  and have used a product called Carbon Cleanz or something like that.   Zep makes a product called SUPER OVEN BRITE.    Bunch of different brands, but they are very strong and corrosive and they work.   I don't have any now,  but you can get it at a commercial cooking  repair place.    On an old stove, where the burners are cast iron,  you could use this.   If you ever do this,  don't soak the aluminum heads.    DO NOT EVER USE COMMERCIAL CARBON CLEANER ON A DOMESTIC OVEN OR STOVE OF RECENT VINTAGE!  It will ruin it.   But on an old stove like this,  you could remove and soak the cast burners in this stuff .   This stuff will remove all carbon believe me.   I have used this stuff on some old 40's and 50's stoves to clean burner tubes.   But,  I use a mask so I don't breathe fumes and very heavy gloves.     Might be worth a try if BB's dont work.   


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