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Miele T4223 - Remove front panel

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Hi Bigbuck! Thanks for looking around for me. My dryer has not a hinged front door/panel. I have seen the video before, and thank God for people who takes the effort to help others by making such material!

Hi JWWebster! Same to you: million thanks! Good service manual, but also for hinged models. (I love hinges! Much easier to repair). Do you have similar manual for models like mine (see pics).

I have attached a couple of photos to show how my model looks like. Hope this helps and inspire to further effort :) Miele would not help me. Suckers.


It is the plastic around the knobs and buttons which needs to go away I think, so that I can reach behind it to the electric connectors.

Miele Dryer manual

This is all I have. Hope it helps

Thank you for the manual, JWWebster.
After a little more investigation, I found out how to release the plastic front cover without breaking it.
I have uploaded photos which might give others a clue of the solution.

The first photo shows the upper panel from the front side. The red arrow shows entry point were you need to use a mid-sized, flat screwdriver. As you can see on photo 2, right under the top, near the blue arrow, is a plastic tab you have to push down. First you will have to lift the plastic as I indicates with my thumb, then push the screwdriver in and release the front panel. Very difficult to spot. Use a torch and try to locate it before you try the screwdriver :)

And as others have stated, if there is trouble with earth on such things as a dryer, it's ether the motor or the heating element. Very easy to debug.
On picture 3, I have taken off the top plate. On the rear of the machine, near the top, there is a (in my case) red switching mechanism.
1. No electricity connected.
2. Remove top cover
3. Remove the two connectors as indicated with red arrows.
4. Connect power cord
5. Run the machine
If the fuse does not disconnect because of earth problem (goes blue as on my fuse), it's the heating element.


This is a happy thing, enjoying the rest-warmth after a tumble. And the dimmed light.


thank you for the feedback.  feedback is very important on sites like this! O0


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