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Kenmore oven: Inconsistent temperature

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Is this an LG stove? If it is their is a warning out there

No, this is a Kenmore. I believe it is made by Frigidaire. Model #79096112408

What is the warning regarding the LG ranges?



--- Quote from: murphycc on November 12, 2012, 02:54:18 PM ---What is the warning regarding the LG ranges?

--- End quote ---

Just posted about it.

I had not seen that yet JW, thanks for pointing it out.

OK... update.

I have replaced the temp sensor/oven probe with no change in oven behavior.
I then replaced the control board/clock timer and while it seems a little better, I still see the following behavior:

Oven will preheat just fine to 350 and stay there just great
I put in a cookie sheet of cookies and temp stays at 350 for a few minutes... I look again in a few more minutes and it was up to 375-400 or so.
So I opened the door a bit to bring it back down to 350. Sometimes it stays there for a while.

* I am using one of those metal-coil oven thermometers

- The thermometer is close to the cookie sheet... do you think that's an issue in giving a false reading? I will try it higher up in oven away from cookie sheet
- Is there a way to clean out the venting system for this oven, or does that never have a problem? Could that contribute to problem?
- Any other suggestions of what could be wrong?? I'm getting nervous with Thanksgiving coming up!


I bought a second coil thermometer last night and it seems to be more accurate than first thermometer. Also, I guess temp can vary across the oven. I hung this thermometer right on the oven probe and it seemed to remain pretty accurate.

I will (hopefully) get some final results today as I test the oven again...


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