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2003 Frigidaire gas stove FGF337ASE low oven temps


I am new registered member, run a small maintenance company and my family uses all 2nd hand products, so there is always something going on. 
This unit was often 100 degrees colder than it should be, after a long warm up time. Thought a new igniter could be the key-installed Electrolux part 5303935066. Messed up during installation, forgot  to unplug the unit, As I snipped one of the 2 wires the fuse was blown. It took a few days to get power back to the receptacle: a neutral had been dislodged from the GFI upstream. I mention this detail in case it could be a factor. With new igniter installed it heats up, ignites the propane but burn wild with a trumpet like sound coming from the area that supplies gas to the oven burn tube. Not good, any ideas. Fran

Ol' Lonely:

--- Quote --- ignites the propane but burn wild with a trumpet like sound coming from the area that supplies gas
--- End quote ---

You are the original owner or is this something you purchased second hand and are now trying to repair?

Is it set up for propane?

Inspect the burner tube and look closely at the holes to see if any are rusted out or if the tube got damaged from any arcing when you cut the wires.

Hi, the unit is and was before the repair set up for propane: the only original symptom was oven couldn't reach set temperature. Now it has other symptoms and is unusable, the ignitor looked the same. An odd one. Fran

Oh ya, i picked up this unit in front of someones house, a freebee, but it is a 2003.

With the odd symptoms since my repair I shut the little valve to the oven and we just use the top burners. I'll turn the gas back on and run another test. Will go back to this post when I have more info. By the way JW WEBSTER, thanks for the  advice about the Crosley Fridg with clicking and weak cooling. The overload relay box stunk and had the telltale salt shaker sound when shook. A new kit cost $50, but was well worth it: excellent cooling and quiet as a mouse. Fran


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