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Amana built-in wall oven that some of the touch panel buttons won't work

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HELP!  I got a Amana electric built-in single wall oven that about half of the touch panel buttons do not work.  The Model No. is AEW4530DDB and the Serial No. is 11250656CR.  I checked the parts break down and found that the black control panel with touch pad is Part No. 74008268 R/B: 5765M471-60 N/L/A.  The electronic control (clock) is Part No. is 74008313.  The wiring sheet inside only shows where the wires connect into the electronic control.  I need to find out how to check out the touch panel ribbon connector at the control.  If anyone knows how to check this out or has a service manual for this model it would greatly help as I have no way to tell what part I will need.  Thanks for any help you can give me!


Here is the service manual.;sa=view;down=407

Parts list for model # AEW4530DDB

Control Panel Part # 5765M471-60 NLA

Oven Control Part # 74008313

Check the keypad membrane connection to see if it needs to be cleaned as shown in this topic.

Hope that helps.

Let us know what you find or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the service manual.  This will help me check out the touch panel & electronic control board.  I'll let you know how I make out.


I have a similar problem with my unit but the keypad issue is not intermitent.  I simply have some keys (i.e. Bake, Cancel, 5, 0) which work, and others that do not (i.e. Convect Bake, Clock, Timer, 3, 7).  What is the likelihood that it's my keypad gone bad, or the stacked set of PCBs?  I tried the cleaning of the ribbons as recommended, but no luck on anything new.  I did get numbers off the PCB unit and have found someone with a slightly newer set of PCBs.  Mine are 00n21615422 Rev A and the advertised part is 00n21615422 Rev C.  My date code is 6088 and the advertised part's date code is 9028.  (Are those Julian dates?)  Anyhow, what's your feel as to whether it's worthwile for me to get the PCBs replaced?  Thank you.


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