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Rheem Heat pump model RPMC-048JAZ


Rheem heat pump model RPMC-048JAZ. What size run capacitor does this take?

Condenser Model: RAND-048JAZ
Nominal Cooling Capacity (Btu/h): 48,000
Voltage / Phase: 208 / 230 1Ph
Maximum Overcurrent Device (Amps): 45
Dimensions (W x D x H): 31-1/2" x 43" x 33"
Service Valve (Liquid / Suction): 3/8 -7/8
Shipping Weight (lbs): 235
I would say look on the serial number/ nomenclature tag for that info.
 Probably a 50 to 60 MFD but you cannot guess.
 No way to look it up online as far as I know. I have tried before.

Are you talking about the condensor fan run capacitor....maybe 5/370; or the compressor start capacitor???

Rheem has on line parts support for every model ever made, but you have to have the secret handshake.   I seem to have lost my password.   Will try to work that out.


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