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Yeah when I took the door apart there appeared to be no obvious way damage could occur to the wiring.  I really hate to just throw money at the pump and hope for results....Also I am concerned about the smell that I had the last time I tried to run it.

The serial number is 003KWTX01129

Hope this helps

Manufactured--March 2010.

There are two known issues affecting this build date...

1) A defect in the FILTER ASSY (affecting drain/wash effectiveness)

2) The CHOPPER/MACERATOR caused noise (whistling and/or grinding)

I'd replaced the SUMP ASSEMBLY.

skmaynard1: you would do the sump before the whole pump assembly?

The SUMP ASSY includes the WASH MOTOR and the DRAIN MOTOR among other components.

Similar to getting a "turn-key" engine for a car.

Yeah I went back to the parts site and saw that....$170 seems like alot to not be 100% sure, but I can't find anything else it could be, and that will replace most of the parts from what I see

Thanks again for the help


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