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OK guys I Need Help....


I have read alot of posts on here about this problem and It seems like there are two possibilities for me.  Either the motor needs replacing, or there are broken wires in the door.  I am about to start taking the door apart at this point, but I wanted to get a post started in the mean time.

I want to start off with I am a certified mechanic and I am great with electrical, so there is no reason I shouldn't be able to fix this thing by myself....

Here is what I have done so far....
Got the LE code one day and kind of ignored it. 
I restarted the DW and it worked fine. 
A few loads later same thing happened, but this time the water didn't drain. 
So without looking anything up I just disassembled the pump assembly from the inside of the dishwasher.
This time i found a small piece of plastic in the blades, So i figured I had fixed it!!
Worked for a load or two and did it again...
This time I did a little research, I disassembled it again from the inside, and also took off the circulation pump(i believe) from the back/bottom.
I could not find anything wrong so I put it back together and ran it one more time
....the last time I ran it I smelled warm wires coming from under the unit, I tried to locate it based on smell and it did not seem to be coming from the door, but that is now where I am headed with my disassembly.

Sorry for the long post but any help will be greatly appreciated.  Also I have a multimeter and know how to use it, I just don't have any wiring diagram or specifications to compare readings to.  PLEASE HELP before I just throw $150 at the thing blindly for a new pump assembly

Would check the wires in the door before replacing the motor.

Service manual sent via PM.

Thanks for the service manual...unfortunately it doesn't really give any specifics on wiring checks....I got the door off and everything appears to be outwardly damaged wires....I'm about to just talk the wife into buying a new

Check the wires in the door for continuity with your meter.
There is a wiring diagram in the service manual. I have also attached a copy of the wiring diagram here.

The LG LDF6920 model dishwashers have *cloth-type* insulation.

This eliminated damaged wire(s) within the door.

A SERIAL NUMBER will be needed to narrow down fault...


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