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Frigidaire 'NextGen' SxS w/ADC - intermittent evap fan motor operation


Just a note for anyone who has ever run into a case where customer complains of hearing an 'oscillating' sound coming from their refrigerator but couldn't find problem.

I ran into this on a Frigidaire NextGen SxS with the ADC control and standard evaporator fan motor. The motor sounded as if it were very quickly starting and stopping, then would run fine. Very intermittent issue. Checked everything possible. Motor good, voltage to motor good, wires OK, no obstructions or excessive ice, etc. Had a good fan motor with me and changed it out to test, with same results. After checking everything else possible, I replaced the ADC and that solved the problem. Seems that my meter, even though it was a good digital VOM, couldn't detect the voltage drop outs fast enough.

Gotta love those mystery calls!  :D

Have a great day all!


Have not run into this yet, but this is very good to know, thanks!
About how old would you guess the refrigerator is?

NextGen started in 2001 and is still current base unit design, but not using standard fan motors so much. I think that those carried through about 2007.

Thanks for the post. I posted this same problem a couple months back. For some idiotic reason the power for this motor comes out of the adaptive defrost board. On and off on and off. Your right on adc faulty.


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