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Today I replaced the heating element in my dryer along with the thermostat. I have done this on two other occassions with no problems. After I hooked it all up and plugged in the dryer it started to get hot and had a smell like something was burning without the dryer running. What would cause it to do that when the dryer isn't running? is there another part I need to replace? shoildn't the dryer be running before the heating element ever kicks on? Any suggestions would be helpful.        Susan :tickedoff:    

Model LNC7745A71                                                                      

As long as you have not installed the heater so as to short out the coils on a metal surface, the only thing which will cause the heater to energize while the dryer is not running is a bad motor centrifugal switch. Your motor needs to be replaced if it is sending 240 volts to the heater while not running.

Heaters do not simply go out like yours has (twice). Beside the motor switch problem, you could also have venting issues that should be addressed before you go broke maintaining the dryer or cause a fire somewhere. The vent system should be cleaned out and you should not have foil or plastic duct on the Admiral machine. For more venting tips, click here.

You need to remove the front panel and inspect the blower assembly and the belt. The wheels need oiling and the Idler probably. The blower wheel on these machines will wear out and cause problems too.


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