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Maytag MHWE200XW washer- won't run after power failure/ possible surge

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I had a tree fall in my back yard hitting power wires and some transformers (2) blew in my neighborhood. Now my washer makes a constant clicking sound (relays or ??) by the selector dial and also seems to be coming out back of machine. I tried unplugging it several times for at least one hour along with unplugged for two days- same issue. Won't respond to any buttons or dials. I have repaired appliances myself in the past (pretty handy) but should I just call a repair guy for this one? Is there any reset buttons on this machine for this?

Thank you.

Ol' Lonely:
Replace the main control board, part # W10384843

Thank you for the help.

A local service guy came out and diagnose the machine. After taking some electrical readings he identified an electronic board in a pure white enclosure (top, right, and front of the machine) as the first cause and then possibly also the item that you listed. I went to a local supplier and purchased one the items that you listed and it fixed one of the faults (clicking heard at the lower/ back of the washer). The timer like clicking at the front/ above the door and no power faults are still there. The other board was quoted by him at $275. I guess Iíll go get one of the white boards also. Damn, $425 in parts.


Did you click on the part number link above to check the price online?

Yes, I click on the link. The online price was $128 and the on the shelf local price was $155. Based on trying to get the machine going asap I purchased one from the local store. Nothing personel.



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