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Thanks John!! Pictures blank in the manual using mac Preview!


 O0  I'm a new user, but not unfamiliar with attempting my own home repair when needed - it's usually not rocket science, but you need to know where it all is.  I downloaded the manual for the frigidaire affinity front-load washer, only to fine that none (or most) of the photos weren't there!  Lots of arrows on blank pages!  Contacted John by email who checked it and then tried using Adobe Reader (we are on macs and Preview is the default pdf reader).  All of the pix are there using adobe reader.  I downloaded adobe and the pictures are all there and I can now proceed with ripping the thing apart, pulling the pump and soaking up the resulting water from the floor (a second cup of coffee first tho' I think!)  :thanks:


 :embarassed: Well got the thing fixed (I hope).  Turns out it wasn't the pump (at least it's working so far).  The sump inlet was completely clogged!  And you know, there isn't anything in the manual about the best way to re/re that little unit.  But got it off (that was the easy part) emptied out and then wrestled for an hour trying to get the stupid thing back on.  But it's running as we speak and I'll know if I have to call a service person in about 15 minutes.  Here's some pix of what I had in there.  Too bad there isn't an easier way to routinely get at it to clean it out.  With a house full of animals, there's a lot of crud that goes in.  I always wondered where it all went.  Now I know.

Good job, thanks for the update.  O0


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