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GE Refrigerator 2002 Side by Side GSS25SGMD BS Compressor Relay Cover Removal

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Ol' Lonely:
Bad control boards in these GE's are a very common problem. Checks can be done from the back of the refrigerator with a multimeter from the control board. Step by step troubleshooting flow charts are in the service manual. Sometimes you can visually inspect the board and see the damage.

These relays do not always have a noisy rattle when their faulty. I also suspect the board. I replace alot of them. Sometimes you'll see a burn on board, sometimes not. If unit is set in the on position and compressor is cold then board is probably bad. Test compressor operation by pulling three terminal plug from bottom of board, install jumper wire on two outer terminals temporarily  and check for compressor operation. Good luck. Let us know.

Thank you to all who helped out.  There was a bad (burnt) connection on the board.  It was fairly easy to solder up, and once done, the refrigerator/freezer started right up.  I just heard the first ice cubes drop in the ice maker!

Glad you got it fixed, thanks for the update.  O0


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