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GE Refrigerator 2002 Side by Side GSS25SGMD BS Compressor Relay Cover Removal

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I can't seem to figure out how to get the cover off the relay (or the PTS..) and also can't seem to find a manual online.  Any suggestions as to how to get it off?  It appears to want to slide but I can't access the clip mechanisms.

The metal clip over the cover can be tricky if you have never removed one before.
I push in on the corner of the metal clip as I use a flat blade screwdriver on the side of the clip to release it from the compressor.

Here is the service manual. It does not show in any detail how to remove the cover from the start relay though.;sa=view&id=183

What's wrong with the refrigerator?

Thank you!  Based upon your suggestion, I was able to remove the clip and get the cover off.  I subsequently removed the "relay" (PT??).  There is no rattle or shaking noise, which based upon prior posts might indicate this part was shot.  So now what?

Both sides of the unit (freezer and refrigerator) stopped working abruptly on Friday, and started getting warmer inside.  The condenser fan is working and the coils are clean.  No rattling in the compressor or sound of a mechanical failure in it.  We started seeing water on the floor coming from the freezer side door, which probably meant melting of frozen moisture within it.  I tried adjusting the temperatures to try to get the compressor to turn on, but no such luck.

Any more suggestions?


Are you getting any voltage to the start relay?

I looked up your model number and see it takes the popular control board, part # WR55X10942

If your not getting any voltage to the compressor I would suspect a faulty control board.

Not sure how to check that when it's taken apart...  I suspect this is getting a bit out of my novice capabilities...  Is there a way to check the PTCR?

My suspicion is that this is an electrical problem rather than a mechanical one.  Would that be your thought based upon the abrupt problem and no lingering failure in the compressor?


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