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My LA604xtwo Whirlpool has quit

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--- Quote from: billyboy on November 02, 2012, 11:22:32 AM ---You were right wrong model #.  I have corrected it. I put my clothes in and the washer filled with water. Then it would not go into gear.  It just started clicking loudly.
Is this a simple repair or is it time for a new one.  Looks like it was built in 1998!

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Sounds like a bad coupler or worn out agitator dogs. More inspection is needed.

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It was the motor coupler.  All the prongs were gone from both pieces except one. I replaced the coupler after watching the very helpful video and it works like a new one.
Yea and thanks for the helpful video and suggestion.

Glad to hear you got it repaired. Thanks for the update.  O0


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