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My LA604xtwo Whirlpool has quit

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You were right wrong model #.  I have corrected it. I put my clothes in and the washer filled with water. Then it would not go into gear.  It just started clicking loudly.
Is this a simple repair or is it time for a new one.  Looks like it was built in 1998!

Check lid switch

and don't start a new topic every time you post something new about the same appliance.

Your model number is still wrong, maybe it's LA6040XTW0
Notice the extra Zero after the number four and the Zero at the end of the model number instead of the letter o.

Lid switch for that model and help video.

The clicking sound you hear maybe the motor coupler.

Here is the motor coupler and help video.

Check the lid switch and motor coupler then post back here to let us know what you found.


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