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Kenmore Range C970688432 HE warning

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Cannot find a parts diagram for this anywhere. It is a ceramic top unit and the hot element warning (HE) stays on for one of the elements all the time. Can someone tell me if the sensor for this is part of the element or is it a seperate part  Any help please 

Canadian model, correct? I could not find anything on it either but maybe one of our Canadian friends will have better luck finding some info for us. About how old is it?

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only couple of years  Think I found a similar one, looks like there is a sensor probe under the element that come with it

I tried that model number at Sears and it can't find it. Even called a Sears tech to look it up in their system and nothing. I'm going to guess that since it has a 970 source code that it may be manufactured by Frigidaire. The sensor should be able to be separately ordered.

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LowSL2, can you normally look up the Canadian model numbers that start with a "C" like that one on your system?


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