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LG Washer WM2277HW - LE Error

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The Hall Effect Sensor functions identically to an engine CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR.

It's function is to provide data to the Main Board..

Weight of Laundry

RPM of Tub

Direction of Rotation (clockwise/counterwise)
Allows door to unlock when tub stops spinning (safety)

Here are Pictures of "What's inside a Hall Sensor" - unravelled

Here are more pictures

OK, Back at it again........ Same machine stator motor is locked up again?????? Plugged the same machine in after sitting in my shop for 2 weeks to run it at customers house and Stator Motor is locked up again. It is acting exactly like it did before. I replaced the "Hall Sensor" with a new one and tested the machine PRIOR and AFTER the NEW HALL SENSOR WAS INSTALLED.

After taking the repaired washer to the customers house and hooking up. The homeowner turned the machine on and tried to run a load of wash WITHOUT OPENING THE WATER VALVES?????? Do you think there is a chance the HALL SENSOR BLEW OUT AGAIN due to no water entering the machine?? I unplugged  the machine and tried to run diagnostics. Machine reset and ran for a minute with the water valves now open but now it is not going into HIGH SPEED SPIN or won't even spin at all or Drum will not turn the least. Do you think I need to replace the HALL SENSOR AGAIN or focus on new wiring harness? Any help would be appreciated.

 :D No on the water valve theory, lol. I am not sure what would have been jarred in the move but if all moving tub components are in line with each other, meaning no wibble wobble anywhere, magnents ok, known good sensor hooked up, it should be running. The ONLY thing that has EVER caused an LE error for ME with no play in tub bearings, is the Hall Sensor.  O0


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