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LG Washer WM2277HW - LE Error

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Well I got into the machine tonight at the shop. Had dinner and was thinking about it after my last mouthful of Shrimp Scampi. Opened the back of the machine up. Tried to start a load at it was locked up. Fiddled around with the wiring of the stator and Hall Sensor and guess what?  Machine started up and ran through 2 cycles perfectly. Looks like the bad wire was in the wire harness. Now I have to start wiggling some wires around and get my trusty meter out to find what wire is causing my issue. (I'm kind of looking at the Blue wire) Let you know shortly!

After repairing the wire (if found)---install a new zip tie (nylon tie) at the base of the washer---but allow *some* slack.

My theory is that---once in a while---a factory assembly line worker over-tightens this zip-tie---leaving the harness too taut.
Over time one of the wires becomes pulled-apart internally---yet the wiring insulation appears undamaged.

Though not a common fault/problem---the few that I've seen---ended up being the *red* wire (broken apart).


It turned out to be a bad wiring harness going to the hall sensor. Don't know if it was a ty wrap tightened too tight or cut in wire. But turned out I replaced harness and all is good.

Thank You!

That's great :)

Good job.

Kelli Bradley-Lawver:
Ok, you guys sound like you've been around the block with the LG's, so I'm going to start here. A few weeks ago I got the notorious LE code. After doing the typical unplug, rotate this way, rotate that way, plug back in...BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP  >:( We replaced the Hall Sensor. It worked beautifully for 1 day. Two days after HS replacement I go to start a load of laundry...the dreaded LE code. So, I call the parts place where I got the sensor thinking maybe, just MAYBE, I got a bad sensor. New sensor comes in, we replace it, turn machine on....BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP....UGHHHH  :tickedoff: Now hubby wants to replace Stator Assembly. All of the magnets look ok, nothing looks cracked. But, from what I'm reading, the issue I am having doesn't have anything to do with the SA. The drum will rotate both directions with no problem. I am not even getting a LITTLE resistance when I turn it. I just don't want to spend $150 JUST to prove a point that the SA isn't the problem! It's almost Christmas and that could be a few more gifts under the tree for the kiddos! ANY ideas???


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