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LG Washer WM2277HW - LE Error

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I have a Front End Loading LG Washer Model # WM2277HW that is throwing a "LE Error Code". I recently replaced the spider arm, front and rear bearings and tub seal. Put it all back together and tried to start the machine. The drum spins freely if you spin it by hand (cord unplugged). The minute I power the machine ON the rear stator motor locks up as if there was a break on? I can not turn the back stator drum. The sound I hear is a grunt and high pitch whine but the drum does not turn. I even tried to turn the stator drum by hand with alot of resistance it finally breaks loose then locks up again and grunts and high pitch whine starts again. Do you think it is the HALL SENSOR or possibly the main mother board? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Verify that all of the *magnets* on the ROTOR are in good condition (no cracks).

If okay...

Most likely a failed HALL EFFECT SENSOR.

All WM2277 LG washers have the "weaker" Hall Sensor (prone to resistor failure).

All newer LG washers and new replacement Hall Sensors have a more robust resistor within it.

Incorrect detergent dosage is the leading cause of sensor "burn-out".

New sensors will not fail due to excessive laundry detergent use.

Correct amount of detergent is dependent on concentration...

HE: (2) Tablespoons Per Wash Load

HE 2X (double concentrated): (1) Tablespoon

HE 3X (triple concentrated): (1) Teaspoon


Thank You! I did check to see if the magnets were in good condition with NO CRACKS! I just found it really odd that this machine just sat there and literally locked up although I just replaced the spider, front and rear bearing and tub seal.

I've never seen anything like this before. I really appreciate your input and expertise!

Just received the new LG hall sensor - LG Part #6501KW2002A and installed in the back of the machine. Replaced and installed and ran diagnostics and every thing back to normal. Machine works perfectly again. It's amazing that a little sensor can cause so much havoc to such a expensive machine thinking you have a locked up motor or bad tub bearings. Crazing that too much detergent can cause this to fail ?? Thank You for your help!!

Just for my own edification...can anyone explain what a Hall Effect Sensor is, how they are used, and are they better than thermistors or snap action stats, etc.



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