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Hurricane Sandy

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Live here in north western NEW JERSEY 30 minutes from NEW YORK state and about the same from Pennsylvania running on generator power.Hard to get gas for cars and generator.Looks like at least a week or more without power.Live with my wife a retired school teacher and father in law who is legally blind and having to go to new york state to get gas. Not fun, trees down everywhere Rural N.J last ones to get power on like last year.Other people have it worse .

Here in southwestern ontario ,Sandy gave us a huge whop ass wind Monday nite but the hydro never flickered so didn't need our generator .We were very lucky .Thinking about all my tech friends on this site that are dealing with this hardship .Hopefully things get better faster than predicted .

Power crews going in from Canada. Thanks Canada.

We got hit with 75 to 80 mile gust, but the big thing here was the rain 10 to 12 inches of rain, i'm working 12 to 14 hrs a day, repairing or selling new hot water heaters, plus washer & dryers in the basements. 1 cust. Said he had 4 feet of water in basement. Took him 14 hrs to get water out.

We have crews as far as mexico restoring power.
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my heart goes out to all that got effected by sandy.. here in pittsburgh we faired pretty well.
wish ya all the best of luck....


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