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amana stove arg57650ll -p1130752nll

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both bake and bril igniters dont go on ive replaced gas valve and both igniters i dont know what else to look for the control board turns on when i set it to broil or bake and theres no error codes ???

Are you sure the model number you posted is correct? I can't find anything on a model arg57650ll

Do you have voltage to the ignitors or gas valve?

i wrote earlier but i wrote the mod wrong im having trouble with both broil and bake igniters not lighting ive replaced both igniters and the gas vave but still no glow in the igniters sorry for the last post with the wrong mod no. ???

I merged the two topics you started into this one.

Did I get the correct model number in the topic title?  arg57650ll -p1130752nll

I can't get that model to come up.  It has to be the control board or wiring. Since both the broil and bake are not working, I think you have a cracked solder joint.


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