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I'm working on this dryer. It will power up once. After the cycle is complete and unit is turned off, it will not power on again. If I unplug it for about 2 minutes, it will power on once. If I turn it off with the power button it will not power back on. Any ideas ? I searched for the manual, but couldn't locate it. Any and all help is always appreciated.


--- Quote from: ScottyMo1 on November 01, 2012, 06:49:02 AM ---I searched for the manual, but couldn't locate it.

--- End quote ---

Just added it to our site after reading your post.

31-9104 GE DPGT750 Profile Gas and Electric Dryers Service Manual

Hope it helps.

Thanks, I'm going a the call tomorrow. I'll let you know what I find.

Well typical for this wonderful company. I did not get this call as I wanted it. They sent the TV guy/Appliance trainee. He told the customer that he had no clue how to work on it, and the customer cancelled the call. I really wanted to dig into this machine and figure out the problem. I had just fixed his matching washer and could not get the service call created while I was in his house. Again, this wonderful company..... Thanks for the manual though. I'm adding it to my personal collection.

Well that's to bad. Better luck next time.


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