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whirlpool oven model RBS305PDB6


I heavent had this before but i figure some one out there has. lady used her self clean, otherwise known as (the most destuctive force on earth or its other name-appliance tech job security) and all seemed to go well. Now however when she pushes bake the auto default temp of 350 comes up like normal, but if you hit the up arrow to select a higher temp the numbers go down insted of up. if you push the down arrow they also go down just like there suppossed too. the oven comes on and works but just at 350 or lower. all other functions, timer ,clock ,etc. appear okay. one wierd thing she didnt mention but i noticed the numbers seem dimmer than normal.   tell me im wrong in my assumption that im going to have to change the erc control to fix this. any help appreciated.

Sounds like a bad control board part # 4452240 or something weird happened to the buttons.
That control board is NLA, but maybe could repair it.

thanks, i was afraid of that.


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