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FRS26R4A Refrigerator No Compressor or Condessor fan

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Yep, plugged cap tube.  How old is the fridge?  If it's under 5 years old, it's covered under the sealed system warranty.  Otherwise, it's probably time to replace the fridge.

You might have kinked the cap tubing when messing with the compressor or cleaning the coils. make sure their ain't no noticeable kink in the tiny portion of tubing above the drier and let her stabilize for 48 hours is what I would do.

There was a service pointer on this brand a few years ago. The cap tube was inserted in to far and was touching the screen inside the drier.
The fix was to bend that section of the drier so the tube would move to the side and give it a little space.

I here no noticable kinks. I straightened the dryer bulb (a very small amount)and restarted again started cooling then the the tube has frozen even more. Is there any hope or do I have to scrap the unit  :'(

Put a tap on the low side and see what the pressure is. Should be between 0 and 5 PSI.


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