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FRS26R4A Refrigerator No Compressor or Condessor fan

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So, the ADC is good.  Using a ground or neutral as a reference, check the red wire at E3 from the ADC to the compressor for power.  Check both plugs for burnt connectors.  Hope it's not a broken wire in the cabinet.  That would be rare but I have seen it.  In that case, you'd have to get really creative or trash the fridge.

This fridge went out while we were on vacation is it possible that the condenser fan went out then the relay burnt out from the compresser overheater a number of times?

I thought you checked for voltage at the compressor.  If you have 120vac at the condensor fan and compressor, replace the fan motor and compressor relay overload assembly.

I have no power at the condensor fan but wasn't able to probe the compressor wire. (I have a trache and can't start on the ground very long) and I will try this weekend.  I really appreciate all
your help!  O0

I replaced the condenson fan and the start relay both now run cools to 50 degrees after a couple of hours but by morning quits cooling. It will repeat after unpluging and letting set for a while.


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