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Samsung WF419AAW Suddenly Shaking


So, I put a load of clothes washing, and when it got to the high speed spin cycle, it suddenly, like someone threw a switch, started vibrating violently. It does this for a couple seconds... maybe 15, then stops. The washer doesn't try to reposition the clothes, it just continues in its cycle. I've tried 3 loads of clothes, and it does it every time. I tried shaking it, but it doesn't seem to be unstable. I read somewhere to push on the top, front of the drum, and see how much it moves... rotate 1/3 and try again... no difference. I can hear the balancing balls moving around, but I don't know what they should sound like.  What should I do to troubleshoot?

That's actually a normal condition. It will shake pretty bad until the VRT balls balance the load. Then it should be smooth all the way to high speed spin. All the new front loaders with balancing balls do this. I think most of the manufacturers are putting language in the owners manual concerning this. 

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Try warming up your laundry room . This helps the fluid you-ed in the balance ring let the balls move better.


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