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Maytag Neptune mah4000 fills then stops

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I cut out the connector and joined the wires together.
I still have the same symptoms. I had to push the start button several times to get the machine to work.
I also checked the continuity of the 3 wires that I had joined and the are all OK.
It seems there is something else wrong apart from those sensor switches.

If I recall correctly, the Neptunes would shut off if they did not sense the proper fill. That is also a symptom of a bad motor. All though usually the motor would be dead.

I already checked the motor by disconnecting the JP4 connector on the motor control board. I timed the rpms and they came out to 52 (the service manual says 50) so I boubt the motor is the problem.
I notice that when I press the start bottom the second or even the third time, water is still entering the machine. With successive attempts, the water stops filling. I checked how fast the water is comming in and it is at a good pace.
I also notice that when I press start, I hear a humming sound, almost like something is stuck and forcing.
Occasionally after pressing the start button, the hear the motor surge, and sometimes the machine jerks so hard that one side of the machine lifts off the floor a little bit.

If noboby has any suggestions, I will have to get a new washer tomorrow....Anybody?

Did you ohm out your motor control ?


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