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Poll: Have you ever purchased a major appliance online?

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Please submit your vote in the poll above, "Have you ever purchased a major appliance online?"

You can only vote once, but you can come back and change your vote if you need to.

If you have ever purchased a major appliance online please comment on your experience, positive or negative we want to hear from you about it.

If you have never purchased a appliance online let us know why not.

All comments are welcomed.


We have not purchased any appliances since we bought all new appliance about 18 years ago and back then I purchase them through my employer. So I had to vote "No" in the poll for now. I'm not even sure if it was a option back then to purchase appliances online.

I wonder how cost-prohibited and convenient or inconvenient it would be to purchase appliances online now days.

Have not purchased a new appliance over 12 years.   Don't think I ever would.  Any thing I am going to spend a chunk of change on, I want to see & touch.

I've made 3 purchases from Home Depot about a year ago. Direct drive washers when they were on sale. Excellent service. Free shipping. Delivered when promised. Although I wasn't replacing a washer, they will take the old one away for free. I also arranged a washer delivery for an elderly customer of mine and the  same great service. :)

Bought a Maytag Neptune from home Depot, they were the only company that still had the Maytag built Washer. Even got an extended warranty. Wife said are you kidding? You work on them! I told her the board would cost double that if it failed.Warranty was $79.00 for 5 years, 7 years old never a problem.


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